A primary school can be considered disadvantaged if it is either located in a region rated as disadvantaged or more than 15% of its students are multiply disadvantaged. In our country, the number of disadvantaged primary schools has been steadily rising since the regime change. In 2009, nearly 1500 such schools were registered in Hungary.


The goal of the H2O programme:

There is hardly any primary school that managed to turn into an advantaged school from disadvantaged school. However, our base school in Hejőkeresztúr in Borsod county is such a school. The H2O programme has been organised to disseminate the educational method of our base school.

The H2O programme is an educational method which fosters the cooperation skills of children with different socialization and different cultural backgrounds. It is highly important to set off profound changes in the educational methods applied, which is why the H2O model is being built in the learning material of teacher-, special needs teacher- and giftedness expert courses and continuing training.

The educational method of the H2O programme is diverse: strengthening learner motivation, differentiation in classes, teaching to learn, strengthening communication and socialization skills and abilities, developing problem solving thinking and cooperative skills, teaching to be autonomous, teamwork, tolerance toward individuals from different socio-cultural backgrounds, efficient ICT and language education, practice oriented education and foundation of base skills.


The H2O Program methodology includes:

  1. Complex Instruction Program ®
  2. ACE Gymnastics - Logic board games Program ®
  3. Dialogue between generations Program ®
  4. Tabello ® Language Program


Our areas of activity:

  • Transferring the H2O educational method – in the form of a 90-hour accredited teacher training course – to the entire teaching staff of primary schools with disadvantaged indicators.
  • Familiarizing those companies, organisations and private individuals with the programme, who wish to take on and take part in this social responsibility, whether as sponsors or as volunteers. Our volunteers take part in the organisational processes, administrative activities, visit lessons, do monitoring, PR and marketing activities.
  • We organise theatre and opera visits, as well as other cultural programmes for the children of our H2O schools.
  • We try to conciliate the interests of our primary target groups (teachers and students) and to enhance their communication.
  • With the help of the H2O programme, we also try to mobilize parents; we involve them in school work and make them interested in making their children like to go to school. In addition, we aim to make the relationship between the school and the parents even tighter.